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Открытие банковского счета в Таиланде
Банки Таиланда обычно требуют много документов от иностранцев, желающих открыть банковский счет. Существует множество банков на территории Королевства Таиланд, приведем
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Таиланд открыт – новые правила въезда | 2022
УСЛОВИЯ ДЛЯ ВЪЕЗДА В ТАИЛАНД  Вакцинированные и невакцинированные россияне с 1 ноября 2022 г. смогут свободно посещать Таиланд с целью
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Property tax in Thailand
In March 2019, the Thai government introduced the new Land and Building Tax Act B.E. 2562, which has been in
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Cryptocurrencies in Thailand
Thailand draws a lot of attention as one of the first countries to develop rules conducive to working with blockchain
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Health insurance and hospitals in Thailand
Medical services in Thailand are at a high level due to the developed network of clinics, both public and private.
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Higher education in Thailand
We have introduced you to the major international schools in Phuket. Full school education lasts 11 years, then can go
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International schools in Phuket
Many parents are concerned about an important question: which school to place their child in Phuket? In Phuket, the best
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Types of Visas to Thailand
Under current rules, citizens from 55 countries can stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for up to 30 days without
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Property maintenance costs in Thailand
Сosts associated with the purchase of real estate and its maintenance APARTMENT Taxes/fees: ⠀ Trasfer Fee = 2%⠀ The fee
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Ownership of property in Thailand
There are two types of property in Thailand: ⠀⠀ ⠀ FREEHOLD is a full property for foreigners. This form of
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